Venezuela is a country that is on a downward spiral in regards to its economy. One of the heartbreaking scenarios that families are doing is to put babies in cardboard boxes and leave them at hospital doors simply because they cannot care for the babies any longer. Pictures have recently been taken of the babies while they are in the boxes.

One of the sad things about this situation is that hospitals don’t have all of the equipment that is needed to care for the babies or any of the other patients who need help. Another use for cardboard boxes is incubators.

Some people who have walked by hospitals and doctor’s offices think that they are going by a doll factory.Instead of baby dolls being in the boxes, the people are really looking at babies who have no where else to lay.

Boxes are often used at hospitals to hold newborn babies so that they stay warm after they are born. The pictures posted of the babies sleeping in boxes on a counter are heartbreaking and have received attention from some of the leaders in the country.

The hospitals recognize that it’s not an ideal situation, but there’s nothing else that can be done because the money is not available to get new equipment.