Rafael Nadal was in the middle of a tennis match with Simon Solbas when he spotted a mother who was distressed. He immediately stopped the game so that he could come to the aid of the distressed mother.

The woman had lost her child. Raphael got up in the stands and asked the usher to come help the mother. Within a few seconds, everyone in the stands was looking for the little girl. Fortunately, she was found a short time later.

The girl was in distress. However, she was happy to be reunited with her mother. The mother was also happy to see her daughter. When the girl saw her mother, she ran and jumped into her arms.

The crowd cheered when they saw the little girl reunited with her mother.

After the two were reunited, Nadal resumed playing the tennis game.

Nadal’s 2016 tennis season has not gone as well as he liked. He was defeated during the first round of the Australian Open. He also withdrew from the French Open and did not make it to the Rio Olympics.

However, many people still consider him a hero for what he did for the little girl and her mother.