Patrick Swayze was at the height of his career during the 1980s and 1990s.

“Ghost”, “Dirty Dancing” and “Road House” are some of his most popular films.

Not only was he a talented actor, but he was also a talented singer. He took some time away from his acting career during the 1990s to record some songs with Larry Gatlin.

In 1990, the two performed “Love Hurts” together during a tribute concert to Roy Orbinson. While many people were surprised to see the two perform together, they were actually good friends off-stage.

Larry did an interview in 2009 right after Patrick died. He stated that he and Patrick had been friends since 1986. He stated that they met in an elevator in Texas.

Patrick told Larry that he loved his singing, and they developed a friendship. Not only did Patrick and Larry sing together, but they also wrote songs together. They wrote a song called “Brothers”, which appeared on a soundtrack to a movie entitled “Next Of Kin.”

Larry also had a very successful career as a musician. He had a number of successful singles with his group named The Gatlin Brothers. The group won a number of awards.

The video of Larry and Patrick’s 1990 performance has been uploaded to YouTube. It has been viewed over 1.5 million times.