As with any industry, there are pros and cons. Modeling has a lot of perks, plenty that you can think of off the top of your head. Even though being a star-studded model might seem like the ideal and perfect job, there can still be plenty of hiccups and snags while trying to reach stardom. Things are not always as they seem.

For almost every modeling agency, there are specific sizes that they want their models; this seems self-evident, right? Those numbers are 35-25-35, 35 for the bust, 25 for waist and 35 for hips. Requiring women to be this size seems almost an impossibility, especially that the agencies are usually looking for women who have these exact measurements. It might sound unethical and even irrational, but whoever came up with these numbers, the modeling industry continuously uses them as a base measurement.

There is a rumor around the modeling realm that the girls get to keep the clothes that they wear for shoots, runways, and any other branding usages. Unfortunately, many designers, brands or directors for these companies do not see models as people. Majority of the time they view them as a hanger that is displaying the clothes for all to see. In turn, they will not reward the girls by giving them the clothes they are wearing from the job. Besides New York or Los Angeles, you could find yourself cast, but unbeknownst to you, you have no idea what you will be doing. International jobs will always inform you of the details. All you know is the time to be at the address given to you. Depending, it could be really sketchy, embarrassing, or even uncomfortable to you. If you are a model that was specifically chosen by a particular fashion designer to walk the runway, you will probably get paid the most.

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If you were a last-minute selected entity for a job, you could expect to get paid less. Despite the fact, you are doing the same job as every other girl there. Experience is also a significant factor in securing higher payments for various positions. It happens a lot in the industry, so make sure you network and get your name out there for higher pay.
For women all over the world, there is one thing to be aware of, predatory men. In spite of being a professional industry, there are still men that will prey upon models to request and makeup scenarios. Example, a photographer was telling a model to take her top off when it was not necessary or even agreed upon beforehand. If you are underage, always have a parent or someone you absolutely trust to be with you at all times. Yes, at all times, even if it is just to sign a new contract, you honestly will not know people as much as you think you do.

Modeling can be a fantastic way to make a living and have fun. There is always a downside where things can go wrong. It is not meant to deter any young woman’s dream but to educate and give the realities behind all the lights and cameras.