As a trucker made his way through Alabama, the traffic started to pile up. By itself, ‘trucker stuck in bad traffic’ would hardly make headlines. Except that a teenaged girl just couldn’t wait. She was stuck behind a slow truck and decided to cut off the big rig. However, she didn’t realize a very important fact – semis cannot make quick stops at high speeds.
Thankfully, the truck driver had a dash cam and recorded the entire event.

A viral one-minute clip shows the entire accident. 15 seconds into the clip, the teenager attempts to merge directly in front of the big rig in the left lane. Though the driver of the semi does try to pull off to the side for her to either pass or go back in the right lane, she continues to push him out of the way until she gets caught on the rig. It’s amazing that no one was hurt. Both drivers pull over and presumably get ready to exchange information. However, the truck driver was quoted as saying, “She don’t know that it was caught all on camera”.
Over 15 million viewers have already watched the little Jetta trying to crowd out the semi, and the opinions are pretty strong.

“How could she not see the truck in her…mirror?” BreaktheIce, a YouTube user, asked.”My POV. Car vs. Rig. Rig goes first. … I’m not gonna risk my life and my car…” wrote Christin S.”[I bet]… the highway behind that truck was open for miles, idiots always gotta get [in front] of the trucks and this is the cost…” Joe Watson wrote. Who do you think was in the right? Share and leave a comment! We want to hear what’s on your mind!