There is no doubt about it; when it comes to entertainers, Elvis Presley was one of the biggest around.

So many of his performances sent the world into shock and awe, especially when he used to gyrate in a way that made his female fans go wild. However, even among his long and impressive list of unbelievable performances, some seem to stand out more than others.

This is one example of an Elvis show that was unlike any other. Back in 1962, Presley starred in one the Hawaiian films that helped to put him on the map even more than he already was.

Called “Girls, Girls, Girls”, the movie featured Elvis performing one of his greatest hits—”Return to Sender”. Clad in a beautiful black suit, Elvis shimmies and shakes his way to the ultimate achievement—a performance that fans will love forever.

With over 15 million views, this video proves that audiences will always go crazy for Presley’s iconic voice and dance moves. As he snaps and gallivants across the stage as if he were made to melt audiences, it seems very clear that Elvis Presley’s purpose was always to thrill those who were taking time out of their days to watch him sing.

In fact, many who watch this video report feeling sad about the fact that no modern pop singers can hold a candle to the raging fire that was Presley’s unique brand of showmanship.