Raju is an Indian elephant. He has spent the last 50 years of his life with chains on his feet.

The animal has also endured significant abuse and torment to the point that he doesn’t know what it’s like to be cared for by someone who wants to help animals. He hasn’t been able to freely move around and has been under close watch all day. A group of animal rescuers found the elephant and wanted to do something to help.

When Raju was freed, he started to cry. Rescuers knew that the animal was relieved to be able to move around instead of being tied to one spot. Shackles had been over all four feet. The people who kept Raju didn’t care about his well-being. He was only used as a way to make money for the people who claimed to be his owners.

They would walk with the elephant along the streets of India, letting people pet the elephant in the hopes that they would give them coins. Raju was very skinny when he was rescued. He had abscesses on his feet and other areas of his body. The group that rescued him started working on getting him back to good health, and Raju now has a safe place to live.

“Really sad that so many humans have no love or respect for other species on this planet. We abuse them all, how ever we can. Sadly I must say while we have some people out there who use their hearts with the right intention and in the right way, most of humans take part in the abuse or just stands around and watch doing nothing about it. I hope the day will come when my species will wake up to love, respect, help and protect all living beings on this planet. In my eyes we have the potential to create heaven on earth for all, but at the moment we are deciding with fully awareness to hate, kill and destroy all and everything. This elephant is not alone, there are millions of animals who are not so lucky. I wish people would work together to stop this from happening world wide. I hope to still see that day.” YouTube User Buffy Buffers

“OH my GOD … I can’t watch this .. thank you to Red Phoenix for posting the link were we can donate funds to recue these poor animals. Elephants are family animals. They have to have companionship and be long. That Bastard who did this to this poor elephant needs to be chained the same way and spend the exact same number of years on the chain and beaten every day by everyone that passes him !!!!!!” – Susan Marshall

“I don’t understand how anyone can hurt any other living thing and still be called human. Who cares how intelligent the elephant was or if his tears were from pain or from a realization that he was being rescued. The fact is that this poor animal was treated in a way that no living thing should have to endure. The person who did this shouldn’t even be called human. For heaven’s sake even animals only kill for food so, even calling this person an animal would be too kind. I realize that elephants are deeply intellectual animals but, lets face it – this elephant lived in a situation that was unfit for any animal to be in.” You Tube User Whatsup Buttercup

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