A family was at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Massachusetts when the parents were arrested.

An employee noticed something out of the ordinary and immediately called 911 for help. The employee caught Tiffany Tinkham with a needle sticking out of her arm, while the children’s father, Lance Hillier, was passed out at the wheel of the car. The parents were going through the drive-thru when the employee who was preparing their coffee noticed that they were on drugs while the kids were in the back seat.

After the parents were arrested, the children talked to officers and told them things that are heartbreaking. They told officers that they have to see their parents using heroin frequently.

Evidently, it’s the only thing that the parents like doing. The employee didn’t suspect that the parents were on drugs because of the way they looked.

He saw a needle already sticking from the mother’s arm. Right before the parents ordered their coffee, the father had passed out while behind the wheel. An employee yelled at him, which made him wake up so that the parents could go through the drive-thru to complete their order.

The license plate of the vehicle was written down to make it easier for officers to find the vehicle. This is a scene that is becoming all too common as officers have posted videos and pictures of parents high and passed out while their children are in the back seat of the car.