Duct tape is undoubtedly a miracle in physical form, but it does leave behind a sticky residue that isn’t quite pleasant after you’ve removed the tape.

However, there is a foolproof method of removing that residue without damaging the surface on which it is stuck. If you use this method, you’ll never even know the tape was there in the first place. Start off by using a putty knife of razor blade to scrape away as much of the chunky residue as possible.

Be careful to avoid scratching the surface since that can cause more damage. Whatever you can’t scrape will be handled by the rest of the steps.

Once everything has been scraped away, apply a layer of any sort of oil to the sticky surface. Vaseline, mineral oil, WD-40, or any other liquids that contain petroleum will work fine.

Allow the surface to soak for several hours. Once it has fully soaked into the residue, use a cloth to scrub away the residue and as much of the oil as possible. It may take upwards of 30 minutes to remove all the residue, but you can take breaks if you get tired.

It doesn’t have to be done all at one time.

Once you’ve gotten the last bit of residue off the surface, it’s time to clean up with soap.

Any remaining oily slipperiness will be removed with simple soap and warm water.

Dish soap is fine to use, and a cotton or shammy cloth should do the trick.