As a man began to back out of his driveway, he heard a crumbling noise coming from his front tire. As he continued to back out, he felt something grabbing his vehicle.

As he got out of the car to see what was causing the resistance, he noticed that a hole had opened up in his driveway. What he found was quite terrifying yet amazing at the same time.

After moving some of the blocks that around that covered the hole, the man found the top of a ladder. Upon further investigation, the man learned that it was a bomb shelter dating back to WWII.

When he and his friends began digging out the mud that filled the shelter, they found a second room. The second room was ten feet deep and was used as a hideout when the air raid sirens went off.

During WWII, Germany would bombard England with constant air attacks that nearly destroyed London. During the war, residents began to build bomb shelters to protect them from the constant barrage.

It just so happens that this man found one in his driveway, which is an incredible piece of history.

To date, the man and his friends have not dug all the mud completely out of the shelter, and they hope to uncover new clues from this historical find.