Migraine headaches are a debilitating neurological disorder that can leave people helpless in their grip.

The condition begins with an “aura” that appears as a halo around lights. Some sufferers experience nausea before the crippling headache pain begins. A migraine may last from several hours to a number of days.

While there are effective medications for migraine, they can have side effects, such as kidney problems and heart attack, and may not relieve all symptoms. Fortunately, those who deal with frequent migraine headaches can use a natural formula that works very quickly.

According to a video posted on CureJoy.com, a migraine will resolve within minutes by stirring two teaspoons of Himalayan pink salt along with the juice of one lemon into a glass of water and drinking it.

Many who have commented on the video say they found nearly instant relief while others complained about the taste and still had symptoms afterward.

While lemon juice and salt is natural, those who want to try the formula should be advised to check with a doctor before drinking it.

Excessive sodium levels can be dangerous for some medical conditions, and those who have gastric reflux may not tolerate the lemon juice well.

“Okay, as a chronic migraine suffer…diagnosed with authentic migraines and not the really bad tension headaches everyone calls a migraine….this “drink” doesn’t do shit. Even over-the-counter so-called “migraine” pills like Excedrin Migraine etc will NOT cure a REAL migraine. They are great for bad tension headaches which can mimic migraine pain sometimes but an actual migraine is foundationaly different from all other types of headaches. I am all for “natural” remedies if/when they work…who wouldn’t be?! But this is BS! If you are suffering from migraines, please consult your doctor. Migraines can be an indication of something serious or they can simply be migraines all on their own. Perhaps they are from a food allergy or sensitivity, perhaps they are from pinched nerves you don’t otherwise know you have. CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR and treat them. Yes, that may mean prescription medication but the alternative is a life of misery, job loss, relationship stress, etc. Some migraines are so bad they’ve driven people to suicide.”

“Okay, i tested this formula just now… i was pain like want vomit, my migraine alway make me suffer like dying. thank god my refrigerator have lemons, i cut slices them and mixed with normal salt, at 4am there is no himalaya salt can buy and i also dont know where to get that himalaya salt, 1 cup hot water, few slices lemons, and salt…few mins its decrease the pain level, and now 6am… i’m nomore migraine. thank to founder who share this formula :)”

“Can only speak for myself, I have annoying headaches that start with a growing aura, nausea and eventually a two day headache. Felt one coming up two hours ago, made this mixture which no one should drink completely (too much salt!) but finished it half. The aura died out without nausea but still left with a mild headache and too much salt in my system.”

“There is medication for migraines that isn’t pain relieving, but constricts the capillary filters between your bloodstream and your brain. The cause of a migraine is these very capillaries being expanded. This type of medication usually goes by triptans, and is considered effective, especially in conjunction with over the counter pain relievers.”