Angela Laymon returned home after work and was horrified to find her dog, Bruno, bleeding excessively from a gunshot wound.

She then saw a note taped to her front door that informed her the dog had been shot by a sheriff’s deputy who claimed it attacked him. Laymon was shocked and angry because Bruno always stayed on the porch and never went after anyone.

The note explained the deputies had been dispatched to a neighbor’s house in order to ask some questions. While there, one deputy felt very intimidated by Bruno and shot him. The officers then left the scene without giving aid to the dog, which was bleeding out.

Laymon said there was absolutely no reason to shoot the dog, and someone who overreacts while carrying a firearm should not be a police officer. She also said the county should be at the vet’s office, paying Bruno’s bill.

Laymon shared her story on Facebook, where it quickly went viral and got several hundred comments of support.

One person said the officer involved should lose his job for acting so irresponsibly, and the family should file criminal charges against the department. The Rogers County Sheriff’s Department has not made an official comment on the incident.