Humans love their pets; there is not denying it. And some even allow their animal companions to sleep with them in bed.

For some pet owners, this just makes sense. Dogs love to keep your feet nice and toasty and who could resist falling asleep to the gentle purring of a cat? When we think of snuggling a pet in bed, we do not often think of 20-pound lizards.

But this woman does just that. Her lizard is an Argentine Red Tegu whom she has named MacGyver. MacGyver is only four years old and has a bond with his owner that extends to snuggling together in bed. While at first the idea of snuggling with a 20-pound red lizard is not exactly appealing, watching the two interact is adorable, and you may even find yourself wishing you could do the same!

It seems like MacGyver’s owner is not the only one that finds the lizard to be adorable, as the pair has garnered an audience of subscribers totaling over 90,000.

This is a vast following and makes you wonder if someday we won’t think it is so strange to have a cuddle buddy who is an Argentine Red Tegu. If you have seen the video, you may find yourself wanting to subscribe yourself to keep up with the adorableness.