Aluminum foil has been a staple of American kitchens for generations.

The thinly printed sheets of metal are bound to be in just about every utility or junk drawer in every kitchen, and it is one of the most convenient and useful ways to handle many common cooking issues and household chores.

It is used to help store leftovers, and while that appears to be a safe use for the material, doctors are now warning that people who cook using aluminum foil might be at risk for severe health problems down the road.

The reason is that aluminum is a toxic heavy metal that can cause Alzheimer’s and other neurological issues in the brain.

Heavy metal toxicity is a problem for a number of industries, but the cooking industry is often ignored in those discussions. However, it has been proven that aluminum can cause neurotoxicity that leads to permanent brain damage.

Such damage links to memory, balance, coordination, and physical body control. Not only that, but aluminum can adversely affect bones since the metal displaces calcium at the biological scale. While it might sound good to have an aluminum skeleton, the fact of the matter is that it would be horribly painful. Calcium prevents bones from breaking under pressure.

Even breathing particles of aluminum can cause problems, including pulmonary fibrosis and serious respiration issues. The truth of the dangers of aluminum are starting to reach mainstream ears, and the most common sources will most likely be replaced soon.

Aluminum cans are a huge culprit, and the dangers of such containers leaking aluminum into the food or beverage within is very real.