Doctors believe that there is a contagious disease that is spreading among children in Michigan.

Dr. Ronald Hofman noticed that the first four children he saw for the day had hand, foot and mouth disease. This is a disease that was commonly seen during the times of the Great Depression.

There have been several children who have entered doctor’s offices across the state in the past two to three weeks with the disease. Parents will notice sores that develop on the hands as well as the feet and in the mouth.

Sometimes, the rash can appear on the rest of the body, similar to a diaper rash. The virus is spread through saliva, such as what can be seen on toys and other items at daycare centers and preschools.

It is also passed through the stool. Even after the infection is gone, the virus can spread from one person to another.

Most viruses like this begin spreading when school starts back and when children are in close quarters because it is cooler outside, forcing them to stay indoors for longer periods of time.

The virus usually has to run its course with rest and medications to help reduce the fever and relieve pain.