Doctors often see things in the human body that many people don’t understand and that many people would fear.

A 12-year-old went to the doctor because there was something going on inside of her head. What she didn’t know was that there was something alive in her head that would need to be removed.

Nita Juggi lives in India and has experienced several headaches for some time. She also had seizures and weakness on one side of her body for some time. These symptoms lasted for about two years before her family finally took her to a doctor to see what was wrong.

Doctors couldn’t exactly pinpoint what was wrong until further tests were done.

Nita’s father took her to a neurologist when she lost the ability to use her hands.

An MRI was done on Nita’s brain and revealed a large mass. The size of the mass pushed the brain to the sides of the skull. The mass had likely been growing for several years.

This mass is caused by tapeworm larvae. The larvae grows into an embryo and settles in the host for just about any length of time. The family lived in unsanitary conditions, which is probably why Nita contracted the larvae in the first place.

The mass was 675 grams when it was removed.