Don’t throw away those old wine corks just yet.

There are a few projects that you can do for Christmas with the small pieces of cork that are ideal for gifts or to decorate the house. One of the ways that they can be used is in making a Christmas card display.

It’s often a better way to send a card than by sending a digital image online or displaying one on social media. The first design is very easy to complete. All you need to do is create a design on cardboard or a sturdy piece of paper before adding the corks to the paper.

After the corks are turned into a tree, you can add your favorite pictures of the family as well as a few cards that you receive. Give the tree as a gift with an updated picture of the family in the center and jingle bells on the edges.

Another idea is a jingle bell wreath. The wreath will sit on a table or counter instead of hanging on the door or on the wall. Add bells and Christmas decorations to the outer edges of the wreath before displaying a fmaily picture along the front.