Over 300 years ago, a fleet of ships was traveling from Cuba to Spain, and every ship was filled with different types of treasure.

Unfortunately for the sailors, all but one of the ships were taken by the sea shortly after they departed. More than 1,000 people were lost in the incident, and the vast majority of the treasure went down as well.

Treasure hunters have been searching for the remains ever since, and single coins will sometimes be found around the area where the ships supposedly went down.

In 2015, the first major find from the lost treasure was uncovered.

It included more than 300 pieces of gold, and it was found in water that was less than 10 feet deep.

The shore was only about 15 feet away when they found the amazing treasure. They were able to find the gold coins by using their boat’s propeller as a sand-cleaing mechanism. In total, it took the team about 5 days to collect the coins from the ocean.

The team stated their extreme joy at finding anything since most treasure hunters come back empty-handed more often than not.

It was estimated that the find was worth about $4.5 million.

The crew won’t be able to keep the gold itself since they were simply contracted to search for it by the true owners, a company called Queen’s Jewels.

However, they received a certain percentage of the value of their find fro the contractors who received the gold. Any percentage would presumably be quite significant.