Far too many people brush teens’ concerns aside throughout the day.

They don’t pay mind to non-adults for one reason or another. Recently, 17 year-old Cameron Cook found himself in that exact situation, but he refused to let his mother ignore him.

Mother and son found themselves at Target over the weekend for some simple shopping. Cameron noticed a small girl by herself in the store with an adult male standing nearby. After assessing the situation a little longer, Cameron noticed that the man appeared to be out of place. Then he noticed the man touching himself, and that’s when Cameron spoke up.

He pointed the man out to his mother, but his concerns were brushed aside. Luckily, Cameron persisted and forced his mother to look at the situation for another moment. She too realized that something was amiss, which led to Cameron taking action without a second thought. Cameron walked over to the stranger and the little girl with a purpose. He started talking to the individual, asking him about his intentions.

As the gentleman grew nervous, Cameron continued to persist and remain by the girl’s side. The stranger claimed to be innocent and doing nothing nefarious, until he decided to bolt from the Target location at the first opportunity. Chances are high that Cameron protected the little girl from a dangerous situation simply by being persistent.