There are a few signs out there that will make people talk and wonder which way they should go while they are driving or walking. A deer crossing sign brought about the odd behavior of one of the stupidest women that a radio talk show host has seen.


The host actually has to exhibit a bit of restraint so that he doesn’t go off on the woman. The woman calls in to the radio station and wants to voice her opinion. She has wrote the newspaper and contacted television stations. She has been involved in car accidents with deer over the past few years. Each incident has taken place shortly after seeing a deer crossing sign on the road.


She wants to know why the DOT places these signs in such high traffic areas. She knows that deer need to cross the road on occasion and that deer need to find food, but she doesn’t know why the signs have been placed in areas where there are several cars driving on the road.


You can hear someone laugh in the background. The host tells the woman that the signs are there to let drivers know that it’s an area where deer could cross as it’s a busy area for deer in the woods.