“Lights, camera, action back to the 80s we go,” says Danielle Knudson. Getting ready for makeup while wearing a colorful t-shirt reminiscent of fashion in the 1980s, this Canadian fashion model is excited for her upcoming film appearance in “Black Jack”. The 30-year old model will coincidentally be playing and portraying a model named Stephanie in the yet-to-be-released movie. She also expresses her gratitude for being part of the cast with “amazing actors” hinting that they are in the final stages of production.

Danielle Knudson claimed stardom through her popularity in Instagram. Now, having over 400,000 followers, this Instagram star and influencer is widely known for modeling for the American fashion brand, Guess. Particularly, Guess jeans and Guess clothes. As a child, many saw the potential in her beauty and was sought after even at the age of 8. It was, however, at the age of 15 when she began modeling. In 2014, the famous singer/songwriter, Justin Bieber, contributed to the surge of her popularity because of a screen grab of the model that he posted on his Instagram account. Just a few days after Danielle’s birthday, Justin Bieber posts “Who is this Guess Model. She’s Stunning.” It is said that she later replied and the two began communicating.

After Bieber’s Instagram post, more and more people became curious and interested in the (already) popular model. Gaining even more followers, Danielle Knudson furthered her career in modeling. Signed to some of the world’s top modeling agencies, Danielle Knudson has worked for Elite Model, IMG, and Sutherlands. She can be found gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated, Summum magazine, Glamour Bulgaria, and L’Officiel Australia to just name a few. While Danielle is traveling around the world posing for many well-known and popular publications, she began her own blog titled, “The Bikini Diaries” with her fellow model Melody de la Fe. Dubbed as a “passion project” for Danielle, this blog campaign aims to encourage, empower, and support women. Danielle states that it is her “favorite [referring to the blog and the readers]” and that “we need more of it.” Going back to her social media posts on Instagram, followers gain access to Danielle’s world of fashion through her countless selfies and professional photoshoot pictures. In the modeling industry, it is obviously imperative to stay fit and have a physique that many envy. In one of the posts, you will find Danielle Knudson at the gym performing a rigorous workout routine. She says that she’s “training with best” because being “strong fit and healthy is the new happy.” Her other posts display her commitment and dedication, to such a lifestyle, to be successful and very apparent.

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When she’s not posing for professional publications or being active with her passion blog project, many wonder if Danielle Knudson has any time for romance. Although you won’t really find any confirmation as to whether or not Justin Bieber and Danielle hit it off back in the day, you will find that she was in a romantic relationship with professional tennis athlete, Milos Raonic that began in 2014 but sadly ended in 2018. It is currently known that she is now dating Alexandre Pato, the Brazilian ftbol (soccer) player.