One 19 year old teen is being hailed as a hero after saving her father’s life.

However Charlotte Heffelmire says she was simply doing what needed to be done, It all started one afternoon when she went to check on her father that was working on a car in the family home’s garage.

She entered the garage to discover that the car had slipped off of the tire jack and had trapped her father underneath. Not only was he trapped, but the car’s gas tank had ignited and was about to explode.

A sense of super strength came over Charlotte as she lifted the truck off of her father.

As he crawled to safety, Charlotte jumped into the flaming car and drove it out of the garage to prevent the fire from spreading to the attached house.

She then ran into the house to get her mother and siblings out. After assuring everyone was safe, she began trying to extinguish the flames with a water hose until the fire department could arrive.

Charlotte is being credited with saving her father’s life and acting like a true hero. She received a Citizen Life Saving Award from her local fire department and will be remembered as a local hero.

She remains humble about her actions and says, “I did what I had to do.”