When most parents see their children praying, they know it’s for a good reason.

Police officers have families who worry every time the officer gets in the patrol car and hits the road. It seems like things have become worse for officers in America with all of the shootings that have taken place.

There are two children who have to see a father leave every day, wondering if he will make it back. The father went outside to get in his car one day to see his children kneeling beside his squad car.

He walked over to talk to them to find out what they were doing, and he was shocked at what he heard.

The children were praying for their father’s safety. The father took a picture of his children and posted it on social media. It has given new meaning to the words respect and love.

There are many people who enjoy seeing the image, and they have now started praying for officers across the country. It’s the little things that people do that matter more than anything.

Many people feel that the children have set an example that adults should follow when it comes to praying for officers and their safety.