One dad made a big mistake the other day, when he accidentally sent his young son to school with a delightful Christmas sweater, which was not taken as so delightful by his teacher. The sweater appears to be a regular Christmas sweater at first glance, with yellow cursive letters spelling the phrase “Merry Christmas”, across the front. However, when you take a closer look, as his teacher obviously did when he got to class, you notice that the Santa Clause that is sitting off to the side is turned to the side and is urinating the words spelled across the front of the shirt.

If you can’t picture this in your head, you may have seen the classic comic Calvin and Hobbes, who have similar pictures posted in their comics, with the main character doing the same thing. The funniest thing about the situation is the fact that the father had no idea that he was sending his son off to school with such a perverse image on the front, but the great thing is that no harm was caused because of it.

The father simply got a call from the school, but chances are that the little boy ever even knew that he was sporting a very naughty sweater. Despite the fact that he did show up to school in a sweater that might put him on Santa’s bad list this Christmas, there is no doubt that everyone was totally innocent in this situation and the whole ting has created quite a laugh.