Matt Cox, a proud dad recently became an overnight star because he refused to drive his daughter to school because of harsh weather conditions. A video was put on the web showing his daughter, Kirsten, age ten having to walk to school in freezing temperatures for around five miles. The time-frame was not exactly perfect, as she had just gotten suspended for bullying, and she mentioned to her dad that he would have to drive her to school instead of taking the bus. Her dad blatantly said no.
Kids Feeling Like They Are Owed Something

He made a statement saying that getting to ride a school bus is a privilege, not just a child right. He also shared that it was his way of punishing her and teaching her a respectable lesson to not bully the other children.

He shared that every parent needs to hold their kids accountable for their actions, and this was a great way to teach his child a lesson. Matt stated that he was clearly disappointed in hearing about the first and second offense of her bullying kids at school and that this was imperative to do because it would make a point that she was not above the other kids in her school.

He talks about how he felt that his decision to not drive her to school and make her walk was not overboard, but a discipline that many parents had to make when their kids wrong others in their school.

What Happened?

Because of his actions and discipline, Kirsten was now each day more appreciative of each bus ride she receives every morning. Matt expressed that she was disappointed and upset that he made her walk, however, after she had to walk the distance in the cold, she seemed to learn her lessons. She did, in fact, learn her lesson and realized that she had to walk to school because what she did was wrong. The fact goes to show that not every parent is right, but when they know that their child has done wrong, appropriate actions need to be made. Matt clearly showed parents around the world that there are many different methods of parenting that can be done to teach children in today’s society how to be respectable and to act right. With parents like Matt Cox, more parents can now feel assured that sometimes taking that extra measure to discipline their kids is the right way to go.
What Other Parents Can Do

Children in our society feel that they are owed something, compared to years ago when the belt existed in schools. However, when that was banned, kids started to act out and feel that they were better than the parents that are raising them.

It is good to see parents like Matt take on actions that are borderline but are fully effective to teach children lessons to not be spoiled and over privileged. Today, Kristen has a respect for her bus rides and has stopped the bullying because she knows what it feels like to be left behind. Therefore, if you are a parent, and have a child that is not doing the right thing at school, maybe you will consider making them walk to school, with you following behind them, to make sure they are safe, but making a point that they are still kids at this point in their life and there needs to be a level of respect for everyone in life.