When a 9-year-old boy was left home alone, he never thought this would turn into the scariest day of his life. Shane Shafer’s mom left the boy at home for a few quick moments just so she could go pick up her other children. Little did she know these few minutes nearly turned her life upside down.

Just moments after his mom left, he heard the front door open. Thinking it could be his mom, he went to go say hello. That’s when he saw a masked man sneaking into the house.

So he did the only thing he thought would protect him. He called for his beloved best friend to come quickly.

“I thought it was my mum because I heard someone trying to open the door, and I thought it was her trying to unlock the door with her keys,” Shane told a reporter from ABC. “The dude started chasing me upstairs and I called my dog down and they started to fight.”

The dog didn’t hesitate for even a second and knew what to do. She confronted the masked intruder and started to attack and protect her family. She didn’t stop until the man ran out of the house scared for his life and slightly injured.

While Shane was terrified, he knew his dog would protect him and this helped him to remain calm. Shane said:

“It seemed like he wanted me because when he saw me, he just slowly walked toward me and he didn’t look at anything else. He just kept his eyes on me,”.

Police were called to the scene but still have not had a chance to find the suspect. Right now the only information they have is that he drives a silver car but Shane couldn’t recall any part of the license plate.

After reading this story, some people were quick to judge the mom:

“I’m not sure of the laws of where this happened and I believe that obviously if it’s the middle of the day or nighttime that a 9 year old should NOT be left alone at home! Child protective services should be called upon the parent and a medal given to the dog!”

While other defended the mom:

“everyone wants to know why he was alone you raise good kids and you can leave them home alone just to run a quick errand i used to come home to myself everyday from school til mama or daddy got home it was no problem.”

Regardless if you agree with what the mom did, most readers praised the dog:

“I’m glad you were not harmed. Your dog showed his love when he went after the guy. Kiddos to u both.”

“People wrongly believe Pitt bulls are mean  dogs couldn’t be more wrong loving and gentle goes to mind”

“It’s wonderful that they had a family member that could look out for the 9 year old. I think back I was babysitting for other people at the age of 10. Times were different then. It seems a little young now. Thankfully everything worked out for this family.”