Wedding itineraries have been known to include a caveat or two. Pia Muehlenbeck is taking this element of advantageous behavior to the next level. Her partner, Kane Vato released a statement early last week on the couple’s web page, In part, the couple is looking to add certain styles and tones to their wedding. Guests are highly encouraged to embrace earthly tones and offsets. These offsets are to be embraced with lighter tone design and bringing the influence of fabric types over color combinations.

It is a brilliant exploration of how color-coding doesn’t have to be a stand-alone point for wedding success. The couple also released a collection of modeled looks that would apply to their lofty demands. The couple wishes to bring out the color and style techniques embraced by modeling agencies across the globe. While the idea adds some spice to the big day, the price tags will also climb as guests carefully select their fabrics of choice. Thankfully, the organic materials utilized for these outfits lie heavily in the balance of cotton and linen usage. Keeping the mood environmentally friendly is gaining bonus points among this Instagram model’s 2 million-plus followers. Her favorites are terming this plan as a masterful look into her brilliance in fashion. The released designs have really embarked on new fashion tones that are outreaching the world of weddings. This is a small breakthrough for her career, her followers, and all other areas of surprise intrigue surrounding this event.

This discovery is also paired with a bit of mystery. Guests of the wedding have no knowledge of the location. This event will take place at a venue of the couple’s choosing, with guests being driven and delivered just a half hour before the ceremony begins. The location could be termed from a long list of hints the couple has posted within the last months. They have not been shy to share their interests, however, leaving guests to wait in the balance of over a hundred different venues of sharing. The way this couple is approaching their wedding is helping to create buzz and awareness around a rather traditional day.

The couple has fully paid for the venue, services and amenities in advance of their big day. It was speculated that guests would have to shell out even more in terms of wedding gifts and bride/groom favors. This speculation was quickly shot down by the couple, ensuring party goers that the bill is on them. This is one of the latest trends to embrace the marriage marketplace. New ideas like this conjure are helping couples release from the stale wedding traditions and styling of the past. They are helping to set a new tone and embrace creative differences to bring relevance to the new-found wedding style. One thing is for certain, Kane and Pia’s big day will not be mirrored on predictability. Their ceremony, planning and ideas will all come full circle when the couple ties the knot later this Fall.