The service industry is tough: your very livelihood depends on your ability to please people, and that’s not always easy. Especially not when you rely on tips to supplement your salary, and one stingy tip can leave you feeling off for the rest of your shift.

This combination of factors leaves most of us sympathetic to service workers, which is probably why tipping stories tend to spread so widely. It’s not every day we hear a poor tipping story end up in smiles, though.

More often, it seems the stories that spread involve bad tippers furthering some personal cause and wrongly tying up the service person in their vendetta. Thankfully, this story flips that script.

Our hero today is a pizza delivery driver, imgur user drewbacca503, who relates his tale as thus: he was working as normal the fateful night he was stiffed. He delivered an order to a couple that came out to $22.67; they handed over $23 and cheerfully told him to keep the change. A 33 cent tip.

As any good pizza man would, our pragmatic protagonist took his tiny tip without complaint— after all, any tip is better than none.

In a happy twist of fate, however, the next day saw him rewarded for his good attitude: the couple had realized their error and delivered him a handwritten apology, neglected tip included.

The note read, in part: “We would like to apologize for our impaired math skills and to thank you for the work you do.”