The East Liverpool, Ohio, Police Department recently posted several graphic photos to its Facebook page to illustrate the danger of drug addiction. The photos showed a couple passed out in their vehicle with a small child in the back seat. The pair were both high on heroin, and the woman had overdosed.

The incident occurred in front of officers who were watching an intersection near a school. The couple, identified as James Acord and Rhonda Pasek, pulled up behind a school bus and slammed on the brakes just in time to avoid hitting it.

When the officers went to investigate, they found Pasek unconscious and Acord mumbling incoherently behind the wheel before passing out himself 30 seconds later. Pasek’s three-year-old son was in a car seat in the back. Both adults were removed from the vehicle and arrested, and the boy was placed with child protective services. Acord later claimed he was trying to get Pasek to the hospital because she had overdosed.

“I am not a man who doesn’t have empathy and I am very forgiving but it’s obvious to see that the parents are at there height of drug addiction and clearly have no thought for there son where the he’ll are the social services do you have this in the USA he should be with a loving foster home I live in England and there are people just like this hear I only hope that the parents see this and learn from it and beat there addictions for there son the love of a child should be stronger then the love of drugs..people who do this shouldn’t be having children god bless” Youtube commenter

“This happened in my hometown. It’s very sad what has become of it. That’s a reason why I moved. Too many people on heroin, and constantly worrying about my children always seeing things. We took them to the local park and found used needles by the swings. So many people want help, but there isn’t enough funding to have more detox and rehab facilities. The waiting list is 6-9 months before a person can be seen for treatment. It’s heartbreaking.” – Youtuber

“I would like to know why the pictures were taken in the first place. Officers are standing around taking pictures while two people are over dosing with a child in the car? They are not paid to take pictures!! They are paid to take the child out of this traumatizing situation, and help the people that obviously need help.Everyone involved in this should be fired, and charged with child exploitation. This is criminal!” youtube comment

1 The couple was charged with public intoxication, the operation of a vehicle while intoxicated and reckless child endangerment. The photos generated a large discussion on Facebook and were shared over 3,000 times. The police department hopes the post will discourage people from doing drugs, especially around children.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think should happen to the parents and what should be done with their child. Do you think the police officer did the right thing or did he cross the line by taking these photos?