Officer Mitch of Heritage High School is beloved by his students, and they showed him just how much they love him in a unique way.

Students at Heritage High School planned to surprise Officer Mitch with a video montage of different students telling him how much he has impacted their lives. They just needed to find a way to show him the video without giving away the surprise.

A plan was hatched. Officer Mitch was told that a student had been caught with an inappropriate video on her phone.

He was to go in, watch the video, and talk to the girl about what she had done. He walked in and began to comfort the student, telling her not to worry and that everything was going to be okay.

Then he pressed play and watched the video. As the video of students telling him how much he meant to them played, tears began to build up in Officer Mitch’s eyes.As he left the office, he noticed a large group of students standing outside the door.

When he stepped out, the crowd erupted and cheered for the officer.

The students weren’t done yet. After the cheering stopped, a flash mob to Officer Mitch’s favorite song, Macklemore’s “Downtown” began, complete with costumes and choreographed dance moves.

The students also gave the officer tickets to a Miami Heat game and a Dan Marino football jersey. These students showed Officer Mitch that he is loved and appreciated.