Many companies give bonuses to employees for Christmas.

They want to make sure that their employees are able to give their families a delightful holiday. However, there are some companies that are tired of seeing the selfish acts that are portrayed by people.

A grocery store in the UK uses a cat in its Christmas advertisement. It’s a well-known store, and the commercial brings a bit more publicity. The Thomas family is sleeping on Christmas Eve. The cat, Mog, isn’t sleeping at all.

He wakes up after having a nightmare involving a bird chasing him down the street. While the cat is waking up from his nightmare, his tail connects with a string of lights. This causes a reaction that is quite funny.

Ornaments are knocked from the mantel. The cat turns on the oven, and the turkey is burned. Mog makes his way to the phone where he accidentally dials 911. The fire department shows up just as the family is seeing the mess that has been made in the home.

The firefighters tell the family that the cat saved the day. Neighbors soon bring items to the family from the grocery store. The message of the advertisement is to let people know that they don’t have to be selfish about the holiday season and that they can share food and gifts purchased from the store with others in the neighborhood.