The latest viral sensation is a note penned by a woman going on vacation.

On August 12th, Ohio resident Meghan Maza Oeser departed for a “girls’ weekend” with her friends. She didn’t leave her husband empty-handed, however, and she didn’t leave him without a few tips for taking care of their six children while she’s away.

“I wanted to go over a few things with you,” she wrote in a note, “before you embark on this weekend alone…with the others.”

According to Oeser, things “won’t seem so bad” at first; the children will greet him happily when he gets home from work, and they’ll behave themselves for awhile since he’s alone. Dinner is when the war will begin.

Every child will want something different. Every child will reject their first dish based on color, taste, appearance and whatever emotions they’re feeling at the moment. In the end, “Everyone will eat cereal for dinner.” The next hurdle will be bedtime. Oeser puts it poetically: “Good. F******. Luck, buddy.”

After three paragraphs of advice for getting six children in bed, Oeser goes on to describe the perils of breakfast the next morning. Lunch will be a similar trial, and by that time, she tells her husband to “start drinking.” Dinner and bedtime will follow the same routine as the night before.

“Lather, rinse, and repeat,” Oeser says at the end of her note. “I’ll see you Sunday.” The final image of the post shows her walking out of the front door with her back to the camera and her arm held high in triumph.