When it comes to Christmas lights, there are some people who go all out to create a beautiful display.

One of the things that many don’t think about during Christmas is that there have been over 1 million troops who have given their lives for the United States. A family is making sure that troops across the country are honored for Christmas with a festive lights display.


The house is in Florida. The lights on the outside of the home are set to the song “Proud to be an American.” It’s a display that is enough to bring many people to tears when they see it at night. There are lights along the roof, the front of the home and on the bushes in front of the house.


Colors used in the display are red, white and blue. There are even lights that make up a flag that waves at the edge of the road. The beat of the song is a bit fast compared to the original.

However, when all of the lights are in sync and changing colors, it’s an image that you can’t get out of your head. The red, white and blue phase in and out and combine together in a way that would make anyone proud to be an American.