Red is one of the most popular Christmas colors. The red crab is native to Christmas Island, which is located in the Indian Ocean. The island is only 135 square kilometers, but it is home to over 120 million crabs.

The island looks a lot like a wedding cake. The bottom layers are bigger than the top layers. It is a rocky island. It is estimated that 63 percent of the Christmas Island is protected by The Australian Park. That is why the crabs have plenty of freedom to roam. However, there are a lot of tourists in the area.

The crabs have to dodge the tourists and walk across the busy road in order to make it to the beach. There is a picture of a little girl surrounded by the red crabs.

There are hundreds of crabs in the picture. Most parents would be afraid to let their child get close to the crabs. However, the crabs do not seem as though they will harm anyone.

They seem to be more focused on making it down to the beach so that they can mate. During the rainy season, the males lead the females down to the beach. They do not start mating until they make it to the beach. The crabs are typically found in trees, but they walk down to the beach once a year to mate.