Hulk is one of the most recognized American pro wrestlers in history. Known to wear a red or a combination red and yellow bandana, Hulk is known by Hulkamaniac fans with his catchphrase, “whatcha gonna do when the Hulkster runs wild on you.” Considered to be a household name, especially in the 1980s, Hulk is a legend that, till this day, wrestling fans still talk about.

Wrestling fans may remember the controversy surrounding, and ultimately a winning bout, between Carlito, Kurt Angle versus the Hulk and Shawn Michaels back in the day. Today, however, we aren’t going to be talking about that fight or Hulk legendary career, we’re going to talk about his not-so-little girl, Brooke.

Brooke was born in 1988 and recently turned 31 in May. As a child, she grew up in Florida and was active in various activities in high school. Dance, piano, voice, gymnastics, and cheerleading were some activities that kept her busy during that time in her life. Creating a presence of her own, she later released her first musical single in 2004 before appearing in a realty-television series with her father. Continuing her career in the entertainment industry, Brooke went on to release additional musical singles and albums, as well as appear in various films. In 2012, she was the “second runner up in the 2012 Miss World Australia. In the following year, she appeared in the reality-television show, “Australia’s Next Top Model.”

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Ill just be here with my coconut ????

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Acquiring over 700,000 followers in Instagram, Brooke surges in popularity as a model and social media influencer, to say the least. Taking a look at her Instagram posts, you will see that she has taken a page out of her father’s book with her fit physique, tall stature, and blonde hair. Known to avidly live a “healthy and active lifestyle,” Brooke shows viewers that living a healthy lifestyle pays off. Wearing a red swimsuit, reminiscent to those worn in the show Baywatch, Brooke poses on a sandy beach with teal blue waters that cannot distract you from her beauty.

In another post, she wears a two-piece swimsuit while in Bali. Next, Brooke visits Greece. Adorned in a fashionable white shawl wearing a sun hat, she takes a pic, poolside, overlooking a gorgeous coastal view. Moving on to Italy, she brings along the sun hat while posing for a pic wearing a plaid spaghetti-strap blouse. In May of 2017, Brooke visits the Maldives and shows off how happy she is frolicking the beach there. Returning to the city, she gorgeously wears a red dress get up to attend a Tina Arena performance. Sitting in (what many may consider) a compromising position, Brooke poses for a pictorial shot in her white two-piece swimsuit.

Her Instagram account continues to provide her followers and fans a plethora of photos of herself, traveling around the world. Some photos are as equally “controversial” as the picture mentioned above. Because of this, her father hates those types of photos of her. So lookout, you might have the “Hulkster” run wild on you for looking at his daughter’s photos.