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Teen With Rare Disorder Causing Teeth To Fall Out Is Looking For Help

Sneezing can be caused by a cold, another illness or because there is a trigger in the area that  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Tank Missing Since WWII Found In Bottom Of River(Photos)

There aren’t many recent wars in human history that had the same level of impact as World War II.  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

3,200 Year Old Tree Is So Big They Could Barely Fit It In One Photo

A team from the “National Geographic” took a picture of a tree known to locals in the Sierra Nevadas  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Woman Gets Finds Rare Double Egg And Cracks It Open

Even after raising her own chickens for more than 20 years, Maria Gloria de Souza was blown away by  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Tiger That Spent It’s Entire Life In a Cage Finally Gets Freed

Hoover is a 12-year-old male tiger who had spent most of his life performing at the Circo Africano in  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Worlds First Heartless Man Lives Without Heart or Pulse

There are many indisputable scientific facts about the human body. We must drink water to help our kidneys filter  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Scientists Locate Physical Cause Of Depression, Game Changing Treatments On The Horizon

Even if you’ve never suffered from depression in your own life, you probably know one person who has struggled  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Ancient Map Discovery May Mean Marco Polo Discovered America 200 Years Before Columbus

We may have to discard the old Christopher Columbus Day ritual in the United States, as an ancient sheepskin  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Someone Rudely Stole Her Parking Spot At The Last Second But Her Revenge Plan Made It All Worth While

Parking is one of the most frustrating things to do in a crowded area, especially during the busy times  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

New Fashion Crazy Becoming Oddly Popular At The Beach

Fashion trends can spread across the globe like wildfire, with a variety of wares from the super sexy to  Continue Reading »

1 year ago
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