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The Inside Of This House Hasn’t Changed Since 1966, Owner Finally Opens Doors To Public

A Short Tour of The Time Warp House That Hasn’t Changed Since Built in 1966 It’s being called the  Continue Reading »

12 months ago

Netflix Just Made A Major Dolly Parton Announcement That You Are Going To Love

Sometimes Netflix gets a little creative and the result is breathtaking. It’s no secret anthology shows like the popular,  Continue Reading »

12 months ago

Cindy Crawfords Daughter Is All Grown Up, And Her Latest Modeling Pics Look Exactly Like Her Mom

We’re not sure how she managed it, but Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Jordan Gerber is, by definition, the ultimate  Continue Reading »

12 months ago

Money Saving Tricks That Will Have You Saving A Ton At Macy’s

When it comes to shopping, saving money does a great deal especially during the holiday. Macy store has initiated  Continue Reading »

12 months ago

My Favorite Old Fashioned Items That Aren’t Around Anymore. Do You Miss These?

As time goes on, we forget what things were called and we quit using some of the old fashioned  Continue Reading »

12 months ago

Couple Finds Safe Buried In Back Yard, Ends Up Being Worth A Fortune

Matthew and Maria Collonna-Emanuel had lived in their home for years. Over the years they held the belief that  Continue Reading »

12 months ago

This Is Easily The Best Way To Make Pancakes Period

One of the best things we can do for our families on the weekend is wake up early on  Continue Reading »

12 months ago

7 Year Old Boy Picks Up Guitar And Completely Nails Johnny Cash Performance

It is such a fantastic thing to see kids with great talents exercising them. A small boy who is  Continue Reading »

12 months ago

16 Year Old Boy Sounds Almost Exactly Like Elvis

David Thibault became an immediate Internet sensation back in 2013 when he was recorded playing his guitar while singing  Continue Reading »

12 months ago

Boy Is Rushed To The Hospital After Eating A Burger, Doctors Yank ‘Weapon’ From His Throat

The summer will be here before we know it. Many of us will be celebrating the summer by having  Continue Reading »

1 year ago
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