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School Throws Away Students “Unhealthy” Lunch Because It Doesn’t Meet Their Standards

Every mother wants their children to eat a healthy diet even in grade school. This is why Elaina Daoust  Continue Reading »

5 months ago

This Carol Burnett Blooper Had Me Crying!

A Carol Burnett blooper video certainly has some interesting behind the scenes clips from the show. It’s a collection  Continue Reading »

6 months ago

Pizza Shop Owner Gets ‘Canceled’ By Locals For Hanging Flag In His Store

The owner of a Long Island, New York pizzeria shop owner, Guy Caligiuri, has had to speak out after  Continue Reading »

6 months ago

They Have Been Searching For This For 250 years And It Just Washed Up On A Beach

A lost ship was discovered off the coast of Maine in 2018, the ship had been lost at sea  Continue Reading »

6 months ago

90 Year Old Woman Arrested After Facility Claims She Didn’t Pay Rent

Juanita Fitzgerald was arrested a few days before her 94th birthday at a Florida Senior Living Facility for a  Continue Reading »

6 months ago

Ashton Kutcher Shares Strong Opinion Of “All Lives Matter” People

God’s creation is perfect, and no one is allowed to criticize his works. Creating man on the last day  Continue Reading »

6 months ago

List Of The Most Conservative And Liberal Cities In America

When it comes to considering where you want to settle, there are many things you should consider. If traveling  Continue Reading »

6 months ago

People Are Furious Over Restaurants New Bumper Sticker

Gross’s Burgers is a restaurant based in Danville that has decided to display its patriotism. Some customers were uncomfortable  Continue Reading »

6 months ago

Chip And Joanna Gaines Make A New Announcement

For all the Chip and Joanna fans, there is finally good news! The Gaineses will finally be back on  Continue Reading »

7 months ago

Officer Meets Abused Girl During Routine House Call, Ends Up Taking Her Home Forever

Police officer Brian Zach from Kingman Police Department was on duty in March 2018 doing his regular patrols little  Continue Reading »

7 months ago