The downside to living in some of the cities that have the highest populations of attractive women is that it provides ample opportunity for cheaters to play their games.

A lot men have a hard time ignoring temptation, especially when it struts past them in short shorts and a tight top. One man from South America recently realized exactly what can happen when you get a little too friendly with someone other than your wife, especially if that wife catches you red-handed. The video that features the scene starts off in the middle of a busy market street, and a couple is having a conversation with a woman who approached them on the street. It becomes obvious very quickly that the couple is cheating, and that the man is married to the woman who just approached them.

They exchange some heated words without any care for the huge crowd of people surrounding them, and the cheaters even continue to hold hands with each other right in the face of the scorned wife. When the mistress flashes a pose at the wife to show her pride, the wife snaps and swings at her.

What continues for the next minute or so is a three-way unlike anything the husband expected. His wife tore at the clothing of his mistress, and they hit each other several times. They even wrestled each other to the ground before they were broke up. For good measure, the wife punches her husband one last time before she leaves the cheating couple in the street.