If you ask just about anyone, they’ll tell you that soda tastes different depending on the container in which it is packaged.

Coke is a great example since so many people argue over whether it’s better out of a glass bottle, a can, or a plastic bottle. That argument has been going on for quite some time, and a lot of people would probably agree that glass is the container from which Coke tastes the best. It turns out that glass actually is the best option, despite the statement from the Coke company that says the taste stays the same regardless of the packaging.


A member of the Institute of Food Technologists by the name of Sarah Risch has revealed evidence that the purest form of Coke comes from the glass bottle. While soda companies take plenty of measures to prevent it from happening, there are bound to be interactions occurring in the packaging that have the potential to affect the taste.

Both plastic and aluminum are subject to these interactions because of the acidic nature of Coke, but glass has no such weakness.


While the Coke company maintains a position of confidence in their safety standards at their facilities, they have admitted that the plastic bottles might affect taste when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, or if left on the shelf for an excessive amount of time.

For the longest time, most people were only partially convinced that glass was better, because the difference in taste could have been purely psychological. Now there is proof.

Q13 FOX News