Even though Leah is just a toddler, she has been through a lot. She has cancer and has already received two bone marrow complications. She spent almost a year in the hospital after receiving the second bone marrow complication because of complications.

However, Leah has not let her tough ordeal stop her from being happy. She loves to sing. Leah recently sang a song called “Overcomer” while she was in the hospital. Leah’s mom, Linda, stated that “Overcomer” is one of her daughter’s favorite songs.

Linda also stated that Leah is a light to everyone that she meets. She recorded her daughter singing and shared the video with the artist of the song. Mandisa sangs “Overcomer.”

She has responded to the video. She stated that she was touched by it. Mandisa asked Linda if it was okay to share the video on her fan page. Linda stated that it was okay to share the video.

Mandisa’s fans were touched by the video. She is hoping that she will be able to meet Leah in person one day. She let Linda know that she will be performing in Sacramento in May 2017.

She is hoping that she will be able to see Leah then.