Many people want to see Angela Armendariz, who is a mother in Texas, arrested for child abuse. She found out that her nine-year-old daughter had talked to her father after he visited her at school.

She was so upset that she slapped her daughter repeatedly. A bystander witnessed the abuse and decided to record it. Not only did Angela physically abuse her daughter, but she also cursed at the girl.

The bystander posted the video on the Internet, and it has gone viral. Many people have demanded that the mother be arrested for abusing her daughter. The police officers have seen the video and issued a warrant for the mother’s arrest. In the video, you can hear the person who is recording telling the woman to stop hitting her daughter.

The girl’s father is named Jesus Armendariz. The police officers told him to not look at the video. However, he stated that he felt compelled to.

When he looked at the video, he was horrified. He stated that he believes that his wife is not fit to be a mother. Jesus and Angela are currently in the process of getting a divorce.

He is afraid that if he lets his daughter go back with the mother, then she will be killed.