Using weights for training was initially just a hobby for Bruna Rangel Lima. She is now a fitness sensation as well as a photoblogger from Brazil. She never planned to become the model she is today. After she started working with weights she began working at the juice bar of her local gym. People reacted to her. They complimented her on her fantastic physique. People encouraged her to become a model. She took their advice and she’s never looked back. The 23-year-old stands 5’5″ and weighs between 115 and 125 pounds. She strives to train each muscle group equally. However, one stands out and that is her lower body. She credits her glutes to her years in the gym and the hard work she has put forth. Her routine involves cardio, stretching, weightlifting, and other training drills. Lima says that maintaining her fantastic glutes is a result of consistency. She trained hard, day after day. She was able to achieve small daily improvements. However, it was these small improvements that brought her to her present physique.

Bruna says her favorite exercises include lunges, hip thrusts, jump squats, glute kickbacks, hack squats, Smith Machine squats, and hyperextensions. While she may add other exercises, or change her routine, she explains that these are her basic favorites. In regards to nutrition, Bruna eats 4-6 smaller meals each day. She says this works fantastic for her metabolism. She believes that if she ate a few bigger meals she wouldn’t feel as energetic. Thus, her workouts would suffer. In regards to macros, the model does not restrict any food group. Instead, she eats a balanced, varied diet. She always includes protein, heart-healthy fats, and slow carbs. She lives by the fact that you can’t expect to succeed when you only exercise on the days you feel like it. Bruna Rangel Lima is the first to admit that she never took fitness more seriously until people encouraged her to become a model. Her efforts have led her to a fantastic sculpted physique which has resulted in her success in modeling.

She has accumulated many fans over the years. One of them wrote, “Wooow!!!! You freaking hot babe.”. It is true. She is a hot model. The amazing thing is that she is all-natural. She has not had any type of surgery to keep her beautiful. Her fans mostly know her for her swimsuit photos. She has previously stated that her goal is to motivate and inspire others and, based on comments people make, her modeling pictures encourage others.

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Her more than 2.8 million Instagram followers on her xoobruna account agree she is a great person to motivate others. Her fans are thrilled that their favorite model does not have any qualms about posting some very-revealing photos on social media. She is always willing to offer some eye-popping snaps. One of her most revealing was a bikini pic which left little to the imagination. In it, she is wearing a bright-orange bikini that showed her amazing assets. We are all waiting to see her next pose!