One can never underestimate the value of nostalgia. Thanks to the latest innovations in technology, videos, such as the one referenced here, can transport people back to their younger days when life seemed simpler and so full of promise. In this extraordinary video, 66 dance sequences from movies dating as far back as the 1940s are used to create one big celebration of dance in the movies.

It’s hard to imagine anyone tiring of watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers sashaying along or the opportunity to see John Travolta introduce the age of disco dancing with his solo dance in “Saturday Night Fever.” The video features Kevin Bacon dancing in “Footlose” and several important dance scenes from the Academy Award-winning musical West Side Story.

Sometimes, dance is even done for laughs as was the case with Robins Williams dancing with a vacuum cleaner in “Mrs. Doubtfire” or watching Whoopi Goldberg do her thing is “Sister Act.”

Indeed, technology has given us all the opportunity to enjoy the little things in life long after we thought those little things had disappeared. As the creation of this video has demonstrates, all of the important events in life are still available for anyone’s enjoyment.

While someone born before 1970 might certainly get a kick out of seeing so many extraordinary dance clips from movie history, the real benefit goes to people of the younger generations who get the opportunity to discover that dance in the movies was about a lot more than crumping or break dancing.

“Don’t like the song, but superb mash up to get so many scenes in in such a short time. Well done on the effort and editing taken. I am especially pleased to see The Bandwagon scene with the absolutely superb Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse, that of course inspired Michael Jackson and spawned the equally legendary Smooth Criminal Music Video and inspired everyone who’s ever copied dance moves from it, and from Mr Astaire himself, ever since!” – Fay Goodwin Youtube Comment

“I truly enjoyed watching that. It brought a lot of good memories and put a smile on my face. Thank you! And thanks for putting up a list of all the movies, because I had several moments of “I know that movie! What was its name?! Come on, you know it! Argh!”, and there it is, I don’t have to bang my head against the wall to make my memory work! Thank you.” Betta Jam Youtube Comment

“That was pretty awesome, and deserved way more likes! Edit: By the way the lady in the red sweater and black leggings from Viva La Vegas reminds me of Maddie Ziegler (who dances in a couple Sia videos) because her act is 40% talent and 60% attitude :)” – Sarah Berkner

“Wouldn’t have been my personal song choice (but that’s just me), but I LOVE mashups like this. Fantastic editing, plus you’ve got a lot of forgotten or underrated clips in there that don’t appear on everybody and his cousin’s dance list. What a great job!” Sue Nim

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