To most of us, Bob Barker is famous for both hosting The Price is Right and reminding us to spay and neuter our pets. Having just turned 94, it’s exciting to see such a household name still going strong after all these years.

Born in 1923, Barker served in the Navy during World War II. After returning home, he headed to California to pursue his dream of broadcasting. It was here where he was awarded his first show.

Called The Bob Barker Show, it was a success that ran for a total of six years.

By 1956, he had been assigned the host role for Truth or Consequences, a gig that opened up a variety of hosting opportunities, including Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants.

In time, he eventually landed The Price is Right in 1972 and stuck with that until 2007 after celebrating 50 years on television.

Though he has been missing from the media spotlight since his retirement, he has continued working behind the scenes. From his donations to support PETA and the well treatment of animals to voice work on a variety of cartoons, the performance bug has never left him.

Much like the late Christopher Lee who kept on acting until his passing, it can be assumed that Barker will continue spreading joy for as long as he is able.

This week marks Bob Barker's 93rd birthday!