When you have to deal with a boat ramp, there are a few issues that you hope that you don’t come across.

There are steps that you need to take when getting the boat into the water and when taking it out. One man demonstrates in a video how important it is not to forget any of the steps with the boat ramp.

The driver is in a large Dodge truck with the boat attached on a hitch at the back. It looks like the truck should be able to pull the boat easily from the water. The tires begin to spin, and the truck and boat don’t seem to move.

He finally puts the truck in four-wheel drive, making it easy to pull the boat from the water.

The driver carefully gets up the ramp and onto the pavement above the water. The boat and the truck appear to be safe and secure after the truck did a burn out on the ramp.

There is an odd sound from the boat. The prop guard is scarping the pavement as the boat is being pulled up the ramp and to the parking lot. This can cause significant damage to the prop, not allowing it to work while the boat is in the water.