A large Victorian house in Camden, New York, has stood empty for six years and is currently for sale at a very cheap price.

Built in 1880, it has two bathrooms, three bedrooms and over 4,000 square feet of living space. Local people say the reason there are no interested buyers is because the house is reportedly haunted. This was denied by the realtor.

The house last sold in 2009 and was abandoned by its new owners soon afterward, which led to speculation of paranormal activity.

In 2013, the Google Maps car drove through the neighborhood to take photos of the area. When the images were posted, three windows of the Camden house had sets of handprints on them.

No one knows where the handprints came from although some people assumed they were stickers that were placed by pranksters. Even if the handprints were simply stickers, it does not explain why no one has expressed any interest in the house in over six years.

Although the house requires some exterior work, the interior is in good condition and contains many charming features, including ornate fireplaces, wood floors, extra-large rooms and stained-glass windows.

At some point, the right person will come along and restore it to its former glory.