Social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat allow people, celebrities and working-class users alike, to gain attention by uploading photos. For many, Instagram has become a place to receive business and compensation in exchange for exposure. With the increase of online opportunities, many models use cosmetic surgeries to enhance their beauty and followers. Moreover, some use cosmetic surgery as their social media niche. When getting plastic surgery, however, keep in mind that the side effects can cause more damage than what meets the eye. For 32-year old model Nadinne Bruna, her cosmetic surgery obsession may of reached a place of no return.

As an Instagram model who generally makes her money for undergoing cosmetic procedures and posting them online, Nadinne was living a great life. Bruna took a trip from her hometown Miami, Florida to Columbia to get her eye color changed, being that the procedure currently isnt performed in America. While getting silicone eye implants typically cost around $3,000, Bruna was offered a discount in exchange for advertising the results on her website.

Unfortunately, Nadinne began to experience complications immediately following her eye surgery. Because of optic nerve pressure damage, the model experienced irritation and blurriness for months following the operation. In March and June of 2017, Bruna went back to Colombia for damage repair surgery, however her eyesight was not restored, so she returned to Florida. A Miami Ophthalmologist Dr. Habash performed eye implant removal in September followed by an emergency glaucoma surgery in November, where only 50% of her left eye vision and 80% of her right eye vision could be saved. Realizing her vision will forever be impaired, Bruna shared her unfortunate news with her followers, saying, Before this my eyes were completely healthy. I was naive. Ever since this surgery I have had blurry vision. Nadinne went into further detail about her condition stating, My pupils, they cant adjust to light anymore so Im very photosensitive now.

After her eyes were permanently damaged after multiple surgeries, Nadinnes twin sister Danna, another popular Instagram model that gets paid to advertise cosmetic procedures, became her caretaker. After realizing she would have the vision of an elderly woman for the rest of her life, Nadinne became depressed. Her decision to trust a doctor with her vision for vanity was one of her worst decisions. To her surprise, despite her documenting her horrible decision to change her eye color and the following consequences, fans still inquired about where and how to get the eye surgery.

The doctor that performed the initial surgery declined going in depth about Nadinne due to confidentiality laws. The practice isnt sure if they or the following procedures caused Nadinnes damage. Despite the outcome of her eye surgeries, Nadinne still has a positive outlook on getting work done. In fact, Nadinne plans to have surgery again. Next month I am going to have a surgery to reduce my chest” she states. Plastic surgery can either go well or cause complications so it is important to do as much research as possible before getting any procedure. Taking the proper safety precautions and obeying the FDA regulations can save your life. Luckily for Nadinne, even with partial vision, she can bring awareness and prevent others from losing their vision.