Bikers are sometimes seen as men who are big and loud and cause trouble. That’s not the case with one group of bikers in Oregon.

They found out that children in the area wouldn’t be getting much for Christmas, so they came together in a big way to make sure that they would have something under the tree. Lois Byrd is one of the people who participated in the toy run.

There were also veterans from World War II and the Korean War who took part in raising money for the children. There were 632 motorcycles and riders together as they collected money and toys to deliver to those in need.

Most people don’t understand how the biker community comes together to care for others. This toy run started about 35 years ago, and there are people who have participated every year since it began. Every year sees more people involved in the cause. It was originally started as a way to collect a few toys.

This year’s event raised over $15,000 as well as numerous toys that will be delivered to children. The items will be given to the families who are in need right before Christmas so that they can wrap the items to put underneath the tree.