Although Kaley Cuoco often gains attention for her sexy looks on the “The Big Bang Theory,” Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette, has proven that she also has what it takes to turn heads.

A video from April 15, 2016, featured on the “Some Person :/” YouTube channel, has gained attention recently on social media for revealing Rauch’s sexier side through a series of photographs from different media and online sources.

Rauch is first pictured wearing only a reddish brown skirt, belt and bra while leaning back against a wall that bears her name. The second photo reveals Cuoco and Rauch attempting to show off their sex appeal at a party. The third photo features Rauch in a skin-tight black vinyl suit with the zipper pulled down below her chest.

Other photos include scenes with Rauch in a bustier holding a whip, a black skirt and bra with a python wrapped around her, a hot pink dress and a denim dress with cowboy boots.

Although Rauch often wears frumpy clothing in many of the public scenes in “The Big Bang Theory,” her wardrobe also includes several sexy numbers that she wears to bed.

Rauch has gained more attention recently in this area after a “SheKnows” article published last week noted that Bernadette is the “unsung feminist” of the series because she knows who she is and does the things that please her.

Even though she’s pregnant, she also isn’t prepared to change into a stereotype mom-to-be by casting aside her career goals.